Residential Pest Control

We offer residential pest control services that are both pet and child safe.

Exterior-Only Treatment

Whether or not the outside of your home is suffering from pest pressure, we can treat and protect with a barrier lasting up to 3 months! Tri-annual residential pest control services for the exterior will cover ants, carpenter bees, paper wasps, yellowjackets, hornets, ants, spiders, ticks and overwintering invaders such as boxelder bugs, stink bugs and more! We also offer one time treatments to the exterior of your home if desired. There is no need for an exterior treatment in the winter for our region, as mother nature does the job for us.

Interior + Exterior Treatment

We can perform residential pest control services one to four times a year. We offer quarterly services that include free callbacks year-round! Quarterly services will keep your home protected from all covered pests, including mice. We also offer tri-annual and semi-annual services. We can provide one-time treatments keeping you protected for up to 3 months!

Wasp Treatment

We can eliminate carpenter bees, bumble bees, paper wasps, yellowjackets, hornets, ground bees and ground wasps. Every wasp job is guaranteed, ensuring you pay only once for us to solve your problem. We also offer preventative wasp jobs that include free callbacks for the entire calendar year!

Mouse Treatment

We trap and/or bait for mice year round. Interior/exterior inspections are included in every mouse job. You will be emailed a detailed report complete with pictures of entry points and notes on how to correct them properly. For any repairs needed to exclude mice, we can refer you to our sub-contractor who is a proven source to build out mice once and for all. They offer a guarantee!

Flea Treatment

Treating for fleas requires some prep work. Before arriving, we ask that you thoroughly vacuum all carpeted areas, wash all bed sheets and pet bedding and have any cats or dogs taken to a veterinarian to be properly treated. Flea treatments are guaranteed. You only pay for the initial treatment.

Overwintering Invaders Treatment

(Boxelder bugs, stink bugs, lady beetles, wasps and more) Treatment is performed mid-September through first week of November, weather-permitting. All overwintering invader treatments are a one-time service performed to the exterior of your home. Call before September to guarantee placement on the list for treatment. This service will not require an arranged appointment. All customers will be contacted 2 days prior to service to ensure the premise is available. If you have any pets in your yard, arrangements need to be made for a suitable day to perform the service. Also please be aware any window washing is recommended after the first week of November, not before.
*Placement on list for this service requires a non refundable $25 deposit which will be deducted from service charge at completion of treatment.

Green Pest Control Inspections

The best way to go green when it comes to pest control services is to reduce the conditions pests seek out in and around your home. Many pest control companies claim to be “green”. In many cases they are simply charging more to do less. For example, for spiders, they will remove the webs around the exterior of your home. They do nothing to prevent another web from being built after leaving. If you have mice in the house, green pest control is effective. Mice can be trapped and entry points sealed. This is truly “green pest control” as no chemicals are used and the problem is solved. We offer a Green Pest Control Inspection. We inspect the interior and exterior of your home for entry points, moisture problems and other issues needing attention to decrease appeal to pests. You will be provided with a digital copy of the inspection report complete with pictures and commentary.

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