Pest Control Lake Zurich

Pest Control Lake ZurichFor many years pests have been a nuisance in homes and commercial premises. These annoying creatures will crawl in your house and damage anything they come across. Apart from all the damage risk, they also bring about health hazards. It is important to keep your family safe from diseases associated with pests. This is where we come in. Our pest control services will make sure that these creatures are eliminated and your home is protected. We offer different services to cover your residential and commercial premises.

Residential Pest Control

Homes are common dwelling places for different kinds of pests. They hide inside walls, in basements and furniture. In some cases, they make the exterior part of your house their home. This is why we offer interior and exterior pest control services.

Exterior Treatment

Some pests camp outside your home and then move into the interior. For this reason, there should be an exterior treatment to get rid of them before they find their way inside. Exterior treatments are only for the spring, summer and fall seasons because in winter, the cold temperatures will get rid of these pests the natural way. There are quarterly, tri-annual and semiannual plans that ensure your exterior is free of pests.

Interior and Exterior Treatments

If you have Pests in the interior of your home, it makes sense to have the exterior treated too. This is because whatever pest is in the house might have come from the exterior. Our treatment plan will therefore include an assessment of the interior and exterior and the necessary measures to prevent infestation. First, we will deal with the current infestation and make sure that any cracks and holes are covered and traps set to keep the pests outside. We will then treat the exterior and give you peace of mind for about 3 months.

Some of the pests we eradicate include mice, wasps, carpenter bees, hornets, yellow jackets, spiders, ants, silverfish, earwigs and many others.

Commercial Pest Control

We extend our services to commercial premises because we know just how disruptive and destructive pests can be in your business. We will send our expert to inspect your premises and compile notes and pictures for a better treatment plan. We offer monthly pest control inspections and services for businesses that are required to have them. If you are not in this category, we have quarterly, semi-annual and tri-annual treatments to cover your business. You can also enjoy our one time treatment services which work on as needed basis.

Our Green services

As we protect your home, we also strive to protect the environment. This is why we have great pest control services that involve the elimination of conditions that attract pests. Once these conditions are taken out of the picture, the pests will not find a suitable home in your premises.

Let Us Make Your home Pest-free

Your home is your castle and a castle is not comfortable with uninvited guests. Call us for high quality pest control Lake Zurich today.

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