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Neera K.
Deerfield, IL.

I cannot say enough good things about Rudy. I had a bee problem, called Rudy (after seeing good reviews), and he was at my house in 1/2 hour. He took care of the problem and then walked around my house to make sure I didn’t have other issues. As it turns out, I had even bigger problems! He took care of everything immediately. Reasonably priced and very knowledgeable and a pleasure to do business with. Highly recommended.

Jon M.
Wheeling, IL.

Rudy is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable.  He assessed my situation — usual springtime pests started showing up — and quoted me a very fair price.  There was no pressure to buy any more services than what I felt was needed.  Since the work, the pests are no more!  I will definitely use Rudy again and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top notch pest control expert.

Rafal K.
Niles, IL.

My wife found out that we had a person over at our house who was having a bed bug issue.  Let’s just say she wasn’t calm about it.  I was referred to Lake Cook Pest a Control from a friend that had used them so I gave them a call. Rudy was able to fit us in his schedule right away, he came over sprayed our home and most importantly was able to give my wife peace of mind…. which then gave me peace of mind!  I highly recommend this company.  We received knowledgeable honest help and Rudy also has a wonderful personality!

Angela M.
Wauconda, IL.

Fabulous service and extremely professional. Returned my call within hours. Excellent customer service.

Sally M.
Lake Zurich, IL.

I called on a holiday weekend expecting an answering machine. Imagine my surprise when Rudy answered the phone! He answered all my questions, gave me a preliminary quote over the phone and was out here Tuesday morning right after the holiday. Called to say he would be a little late. Great service, was respectful of my property, and even added on another small area to the treatment. Quote was spot on, too. We’ll see if the carpenter bees come back, but it really doesn’t matter because future touchups for this season are included! Would definitely recommend LCPC!

Renee O.
Arlington Heights, IL.

Rudy came out right away and is extremely knowledgeable. He calmed me down from my “ants in my house “panic attack by explaining that CLEAN houses can have issues too. Very professional service.

Prospect Heights, IL.

We had critter friends, the small crawling kind, and they were starting to take over. We couldn’t get rid of them so we called Lake Cook Pest Control. He made an appointment, called to confirm and was on time. Wonderfully polite and thorough and in a day or two, no more critter friends. That was close to a month ago and we are pest free. The price was right and he didn’t try to sell us a contract like the bigger outfits do. I highly recommend Lake Cook Pest Control.

Hawthorn Woods, IL.

Rudy was on time and exceptional. He told me he could help and he didn’t let me down. Price was fair and pest control service was quick and couldn’t be better. I will only be calling Lake Cook Pest control from now on. I’m glad to be rid of those pesky persistent pests!

Arlington Heights, IL.

We just moved into our Arlington Heights house and did some renovations right away. Bugs are part of a new home, but the abundance of flies was a cause for concern. We started noticing a lot of large flies in the house and did some investigating. Sure enough, there was a decaying mouse in the crawl space with a bunch of larvae around it. We immediately called Lake Cook Pest Control. Rudy came right away and accessed the situation. He was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He went to all attic access points and into the crawl space. He sprayed for common house bugs in the interior and exterior including remediating a couple wasp nests we didn’t even know about. After, he did a complete report on possible access points for rodents with pictures and suggestions for keeping them out, as well as, setting up traps and bait. Through the whole process he explained what he was doing and why. I was a little annoying, following him around and asking questions, but he was extremely patient and professional in addressing all my questions. I feel a lot better about my house being pest and bug free now, which is especially important to us because of a rambunctious little 1 y.o. running around. Plus my wife is going to stop calling me over for a spider kill while I’m watching the game. Happy wife, happy life. So glad i called Rudy.

Buffalo Grove, IL.

We have been using services of Lake Cook Pest Control for about a year now and are very happy with our choice! Rudy is a professional and a pleasure to deal with, he explains a lot about pests and even answers the questions you haven’t thought to ask yet 🙂 Good bye creepy crawlers! The price is reasonable, too. Would definitely recommend to everyone.

Buffalo Grove, IL.

I moved into a new townhouse and found unwanted housemates… tons of ants in the kitchen! I called Rudy based on his great reviews and was not disappointed. He’s personable and explained exactly what he was doing and why. Rudy checked the entire townhouse, top to bottom. Reasonable prices, too. He didn’t pressure me to purchase anything additional. I haven’t seen a single ant since he was out six months ago. I highly recommend Lake Cook Pest Control for anyone looking for a Pest Control service!

Buffalo Grove, IL.

Great experience! The owner Rudy came out and was very knowledgeable and professional. He described in detail what he was doing and how the whole process plays out. I was very impressed with everything he knew and taught me! Highly suggest going with this company and the great customer service provided.

Third Lake, IL.

Rudy came out today to take care of a spider problem I was having. He was on time, actually he was early, so that’s even better and he was knowledgeable and polite. He didn’t try to add any unnecessary services, or push for a contract. He was up front and honest. I figured I would need multiple appointments. Nope, Rudy flat out said this treatment should do it and if you have any issues in six weeks please let me know. Well it’s been one day and I haven’t seen a single spider so I am confident in saying I certainly won’t need to call back with a spider problem. Now should I have issues with any other evil little bugs, he will certainly be the company I call. I will also add, if you’re a pet owner rest assured the spray used is non toxic to your pets and dries within fifteen minutes. Of course Rudy will explain this all to you but I figured I would mention it as well since we have a dog and cats as well. Well what are you waiting for?! Look at my review and even the others. You need a pest control guy, call Rudy and Lake Cook Pest Control now. You won’t be disappointed.

Mundelein, IL.

I got quotes from 10 companies over 2 days. LCPC gave the best guarantee and price so I went with them despite less reviews than some other companies. 3 companies didn’t service my area so it was more like out of companies.. I never used pest control services before so not much to go on. I have no complaints. Rudy came out and explained what he was doing and what to expect. I am pretty sure things will play out as explained as he seemed to really know about bugs. I will update if results are not satisfactory.

Wheeling, IL.

Quick, efficient, personable and respective! My unwanted roommates are gone! The guy took great care to get in every book and cranny, and I LOVED how he didn’t even ask, but put foot covers in his shoes. I’ve had so many repair guys barge in with their dirty shoes and muck up the place. I’ve already told some friends and plan to tell more.

Buffalo Grove, IL.

Great experience. Very knowledgeable and informative. Solved my ant problem in addition to educating me on to how to prevent future issues. Highly recommend Lake Cook Pest Control.

Libertyville, IL.

Rudy was very upfront and honest in his assessment after we saw a mouse in our house. He didn’t try to upsell and was very thorough in his inspection. I would recommend him to anybody and will continue to use his services as needed.

Buffalo Grove, IL.

I called Rudy when we had a problem with ants in our home. We frequently babysit and have an infant in our home, so I wanted to be sure any pest control would not be toxic, and Rudy assured me that the products he uses would be safe. We scheduled an appointment for a couple of days after I called and have had no problems with insects since. I highly recommend Lake Cook Pest Control and will definitely use Rudy’s services again in the future if we have the need.

Lake Barrington, IL.

Signed up for regular services last spring when we had a major ant issue arise in our kitchen. My wife and I sprayed many times with an aerosol purchased “over the counter”. We couldn’t get the issue under control so we searched out a pro. Found Lake Cook Pest Control through a neighbor and we couldn’t be any happier. All 4 services we’ve had thus far, Rudy has been on time as promised. We have not had a single ant, or any other bug, since we started. We especially love not being bullied into a contract and the fact he uses pet and child safe products.

Hemet, CA.

Had these guys come out to take care of mice in a rental property of mine in Barrington. Easy to contact and were very good at making it an easy process despite me being out of state. Tenants were happy and I was pleased with quick response and fair price.

Lincolnshire, IL.

Recently discovered mouse droppings in the basement. Had them out the same day for their rodent control service. They focused on the attic as well as the crawl space and basement areas. I was emailed an inspection report pinpointing all of the entry points. Very thorough and professional. Would use again and recommend.

Barrington, IL.

A+ service! Rudy was very polite and even managed to entertain my son while doing his work. I called him for mice, spiders and boxelder bugs. He did a great inspection of my home and emailed me a report with a bunch of pictures outlining all of the issues that I need to address. He was also very honest when it came to the boxelder bugs. He fully discussed their life cycle, why I have them in my home and the best time to treat for them to prevent the problem before it begins. Rudy was out about a week ago and the only spiders I’ve seen since have been curled up and dead along the baseboards. Very happy to have found Lake Cook Pest Control and I feel confident I’ll continue to be satisfied as I am going to be receiving regular quarterly treatments. I really like the fact that there is no contract or minimum time to sign up for. Thanks Rudy!

Lake Zurich, IL.

Had some ants appear in kitchen. They came out same day I called and I have not seen ants since. Got a good explanation as to why having ants in first place and how to reduce risks of encountering in future.

North Barrington, IL.

Glad we hired Lake Cook Pest Control. Not only was Rudy on time but he explained the situation and resolution to us thoroughly. My husband and I just moved to this house and Rudy also gave us details on what we’ll likely encounter throughout the year. We will definitely give him a call the next time something comes up.

Palatine, IL.

We just moved into our new home and discovered some mouse activity in the basement. We learned that there were many more signs of mouse activity after having Lake Cook Pest Control out. They thoroughly inspected both our interior and exterior of our house. They set out bait in the crawl space and the attic. The entire process was explained over phone and again while Rudy was doing it. We are very pleased with the customer service we received. Highly recommend.

Lake Zurich, IL.

very well services. prices is fair. have ants in kitchen and spiders. very nice man for work.

Vernon Hills, IL.

I do not remember inviting any mice to the party! Called Lake Cook Pest and they came out right away and got rid of the unwanted party crashers! Rudy was great. Friendly, intelligent and super understanding/patient. Thanks!

Lincolnshire, IL.

Mouse ran across my kitchen floor!!! Messaged super man, I mean Rudy and he was out ASAP! Just like the reviews I read on Yelp said, he is very professional and knows his stuff. Really felt like I was dealing with somebody I could trust to get the job done based on our conversation over the phone. It was like he knew my house better than I did. Everything he mentioned in our talk he ended up pointing out to me during his service call. I will definitely use Rudy and his company again for ants and spiders in the spring.

Hawthorn Woods, IL.

All of the reviews are accurate, Rudy is knowledgeable, responsive and professional. We suspected having mice and Rudy confirmed they were in our attic. He also did a thorough exterior inspection looking for possible rodent entry points. These areas were documented with pictures and detailed in a report. Rudy was pleasant and patient with all of our questions. An excellent resource, we highly recommend him!

Round Lake, IL.

Best experience I’ve had yet with an exterminator. Lake Cook Pest Control came out to my house and treated/inspected very thoroughly. Every winter we deal with mice invading our kitchen but I’m confident this is the last year now that we found a competent exterminating company.

Barrington, IL.

Contacted through a Yelp message at 9:35pm on a Tuesday night and got a response within minutes. Rudy was great at explaining service procedure for mice. Prompt, professional and knows his stuff!

Buffalo Grove, IL.

Rudy was great. He explained whole process on phone. Arrived on time. Completed job in timely manner. Pricing was fair. We had mice in the basement.

Barrington, IL.

Had LCPC out for mice. There was no upselling upon arrival. The price I got on the phone is what I paid. Service man was clean, polite, efficient and informative. After having LCPC out I have a good understanding on what needs to be done now and in the future to not have to share my house with the little furry critters.

Mobile, AL.

I just called LCPC to ask about the Box elders’s that swarm around my house during the October months and I was given a very detailed explanation on why they are around, how long they’ll stay and when they’ll return. Customer service is top notch and I wasn’t pressured into buying any unnecessary services. I will definitely call LCPC when needed! Thanks again for your time and I’ll make sure to spread the word.

Buffalo Grove, IL.

We had a terrible bee problem (easily dozens, possibly more) near the roofline of our screened in porch that had been plaguing us all summer long. The exterminators we had previously been using came out twice and were completely ineffectual at getting rid of the bees – they weren’t even slightly reduced by what they tried to do. So we decided to call Lake Cook Pest Control and give them a try. Rudy came out the same day we called, donned his protective gear and thoroughly sprayed throughout the area the bees were concentrated in, and the bees were completely eradicated. This was a huge relief because they were starting to get into the screened in porch and nearing the entrance to the house. Then, two days later we noticed a separate smaller concentration of bees in the bushes by our front sidewalk. Rudy came out the same day and took care of them for free! We really appreciate how Rudy went above and beyond for us and would highly recommend Lake Cook Pest Control to anyone else facing a similar insect problem.

Gurnee, IL.

Bought a new house and discovered I was living with unwanted creepy spiders. Contacted Rudy first thing in the morning and he was onsite spraying his magically death concoction by that same afternoon. GOODBYE SPIDERS! Rudy also pointed out some potential mouse concerns and offered affordable solutions before these invaders settle in for the winter. All in all, Rudy was professional and I’d highly recommend him if you run into similar issues.

Lake Zurich, IL.

True, honest professionalism at it’s best! Very highly impressed. Rudy was timely in answering our call, scheduling our service and showing up on time. He was highly knowledgeable and so informative about our issues. It was also very clear that he was giving an honest assessment of what we needed to fix our issues, he wasn’t he trying to nickel and dime us. We’ll definitely be calling Lake Cook Pest Control from now on!

Arlington Heights, IL.

Rudy was very knowledgeable, came immediately, and it was good to see less and less wasps every day. Thanks!

Mt. Prospect, IL.

I definitely recommend Lake Cook Pest Control. Super professional, Rudy always arrives on time and gave me an agreeable price upon meeting. He’s been doing my home for maybe 5 years now? And he so personable I follow him around while he’s working just to talk to him! He’s very thorough and his products are completely pet safe. I have a 9 lb dog. I live in a townhome so I have him come every other month just to keep the spiders and disgusting centipedes away. I never see a live one!

Deerfield, IL.

Rudy responded right away, he was able to fit us in the same day (we opted for the following morning) and was as efficient, quick professional as they come. Can’t recommend Lake Cook Pest Control highly enough. As for the swarm of angry hornets under our eaves… they didn’t seem too happy.

Ingleside, IL.

Had a wasp problem IN my commed electric meter box in my dog pen. Lake Cook Pest Control was there the next day (only because I called later in the day) and removed the nests. Very professional and very accomendating!!!!

Wauconda, IL.

We called Rudy on a Saturday and he was at our home in less than 3 hours. He was on time and very professional. We. Had a yellow jacket nest in the rafters in our basement where there was a false drop ceiling. It was HUGE. Rudy even told us that he would retreat if his treatment did not do a complete job the first time. I highly recommend this young man for controlling your pests of all kinds.

Buffalo Grove, IL.

Great service. Made contact late last night and my ants are gone less than 24 hours later. Rudy came out today and located a carpenter ant nest in an old window frame. Rudy was very knowledgable, clean and courteous. Pricing was fair based on 3 other quotes I received. Other companies couldn’t make it out as fast. I will definitely use again if any other pest problems occur. I highly recommend Lake Cook Pest Control.

Grayslake, IL.

Rudy was very courteous and professional, and most of all solved my wasp problem. He was accommodating of my schedule, and performed a thorough and prompt job eradicating the wasps. Had about 25 nests in my shed and only saw one wasp a week later.

Arlington Heights, IL.

I called Lake Cook Pest Control a few weeks ago about a huge spider problem we had. There were spiders literally everywhere, no matter what we did. We called Rudy and he came a couple days later. He sprayed the interior and exterior of the house very quickly but thoroughly. We haven’t seen a single spider since. I would highly recommend him for your pest control needs. His price was competitive and his work was clean and efficient.

Hawthorn Woods, IL.

Rudy came to my house the same morning that I called to make an appointment and he was early. He did a thorough job inside and out and explained everything in detail. Very knowledgeable, polite, and fast-working. And at a very competitive price. I highly recommend Lake Cook for anyone else with a general pest control need.

Buffalo Grove, IL.

DON’T LOOK ANY FURTHER. This is your company… and Rudy is the Man. We had ants.

Long Grove, IL.

We called them on a Saturday due to an emergency in our bathroom. He had appointments on Saturday but he was able to come out on Sunday. He promised he would be there on time. We saw him waiting in our subdivision a little early so we let him in. Rudy was very professional with regards to putting on booties, gloves, and explaining what he was going to do. We had a bat instead, so he gave us the option to dispose of it by our choice, but I took his option to let him go outside. Afterward, he came back to let us know what some of the causes and remedies we could use, even if it wasn’t through him. I would definitely call him for any emergency as well as fall treatment for the home!

Libertyville, IL.

Great experience overall. Rudy is quick, thorough and extremely knowledgeable. Definitely someone you can trust and feel good about when he leaves. This was our first house and first experience with a pest control company. I’ll definitely be using him again in the future.

Mt. Prospect, IL.

Great organization, Rudy is a class act. I would recommend Lake Cook Pest control to everyone who needs help with ant problems or any other pest problem. I was given great service and peace of mind. A great overall experience earned these guys a 5 star rating.

Glenview, IL.

Rudy did an amazing job of getting my pest infestation under control. He was very upfront with me on cost and did an honest job for giving me a fair deal. He arrived on time, was extremely knowledgeable, and was fun person to be around. You can truly tell that he’s doing what he enjoys and loves it! Thanks Rudy!

Vernon Hills, IL.

Rudy with Lake Cook Pest Control was great. He was on time friendly and honest with his assessment on fixing my problem. Haven’t had a problem since he came out. Would definitely recommend him to anyone who has a bug problem! Thanks again Rudy!!

Palatine, IL.

Lake Cook Pest Control has been maintaing my home for over 5 years. Rudy provides great services at a fair price. Not only is he knowledgeable in his field, he has a great personality and is super friendly. Since using his service I have not seen 1 bug Thanks Rudy. We will see you at our next appointment. I Highly recommend!

Buffalo Grove, IL.

Called Lake Cook Pest Control with a spider problem and the owner himself, Rudy, was at my home within an hour. His knowledge and expertise, not to mention the cost, is beyond any experience I’ve ever had with any exterminating company. I’m sure the spiders are gone for good! So worth the phone call to Lake Cook Pest Control!

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