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Pest Control BarringtonAre you dealing with a pest menace in your residential or commercial area? Our services will help you eliminate this problem and make sure that your premises are safe and healthy to live in. We offer pest control services aimed at getting rid of any uninvited pests that might bring about health hazards and structural problems. We know how stubborn and dangerous pests can be which is why we are keen on our inspections and thorough in our treatments. The following are our dedicated pest control services:

Residential Treatments

Pest invading your home could be your worst nightmare. Mice crawling all over the floor and cockroaches on the wall is not the kind of life you want to live. Fortunately, we have you covered. Our residential treatments will help get rid of all pests. We first inspect the premises to make sure that we note all the areas that are infested. This gives us a clear picture of the job ahead and makes it successful.

Exterior Only Services

The treatment targets paper wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, ants, carpenter bees, overwintering invaders like stink bugs and boxelder bugs and spiders just to mention a few. This is because the pests around your home can easily crawl inside and cause massive damage and discomfort. For those interested, there is a onetime exterior only treatment for protection and prevention purposes. We do not find a need for winter treatments because good old Mother Nature will always do the work.

Interior Plus Exterior Control

A combination of interior and exterior treatment leaves your home safe from pests inside the house and those in the surroundings. This service covers all pests including mice. Our quarterly treatments ensure that your home is protected around the year because we treat after 3 months which is the period pests might start another infestation. We can also offer a onetime service which will protect your home up to 3 months.

Commercial Treatment

If you are dealing with pests in your commercial premises, chances are that your business is being disrupted. The pests can cause a health hazard to your employees and customers and damage to your goods and furniture. We have treatment plans aimed at commercial areas and they include a monthly inspection to maintain traps and improve protection, If it is not a requirement that you get the monthly inspections by a pest control service provider, we can organize a one time treatment as needed or a quarterly, tri-annual or semi-annual plan.

Consider Our Green Pest Control

As the world goes green, we are not left behind. We have green processes that target the favorable conditions that different pests look for. Once these conditions are eliminated, the pest will not find a reason to stay around and this is how to get rid of the menace in a green effective way. This is how we protect your home as we protect the environment.

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