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Pest Control PalatinePests play a major role in destroying buildings and increasing health hazards. Some damage building structures while some eat foods and bring germs into your home. The only way to keep these creatures out of your home is through pest control services. This is why our company exists. We have been providing high quality professional pest control services and we dedicate our time and resources to make sure that your premises are safe. We offer different treatment plans but all of them have the same result, the eradication of pests.

Residential Treatment

Pests either make a home inside or around your house. Prior to starting the treatment, we first assess the situation to be in a position to create a successful treatment plan. The assessment determines if the pests need to be treated on the interior or exterior of your home. In many cases it is best to service both areas.

Exterior Treatment

Exterior treatment is a good idea even in cases where it is not infested. The creatures damaging your home might actually have nests outside. It is only during winter that treatments are not necessary outside. This is because Mother Nature will take her course. We focus on pests such as mice, wasps, hornets, ants, silverfish, earwigs, carpenter bees, overwintering invaders, spiders, and yellow jackets among many others.

Exterior + Interior Services

We have a quarterly treatment plan which includes free callbacks throughout the year. Pests disappear and new ones emerge after 3 months. The quarterly plan ensures that your home is protected year-round. You can also go for the tri-annual or semiannual services if you do not deal with lots of pests in a year. We handle ants, wasps, mice, overwintering invaders such as stink bugs and boxelder bugs as well as pest control services for many other insects. We also do inspections to ensure that your home is safe.

Commercial Treatment

Your business can be affected by pests since they will destroy goods and also put employees at risk of diseases. We treat commercial premises to make sure that your business is running smoothly. Our experts assess the place taking notes and taking pictures. After the treatment, we can provide a digital report with commentary and pictures to show you areas that require repairs or other attention . We value your business and this is why we have inspections and services to make sure it is safe from any kinds of pests.

We Go Green

In efforts to protect and preserve our planet, we have green pest control services. These services work through control and prevention. Pests look for particular conditions to make a nest or a home. Our green services eliminate these conditions to make sure that pests find your home or business unfavorable for their survival. These can include sealing of holes, elimination of humidity and setting of traps. These services are our contribution towards making this a green planet as we protect your home.

For dedicated pest control Palatine, give us a call today and we will have our pest control experts make an assessment and tailor a professional treatment.

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