Pest Of The Month
What pest is most popular among our callers this month?



Mice can be found in our homes and offices throughout the year. During the late fall and early winter months they are most common. As the temperatures drop, the house mouse seeks out shelter, warmth and food. Our homes provide plenty of these three necessities. After moving in and finding adequate harborage, the house mouse tends to make it’s presence known by one or more of these signs :

• Scratching, gnawing and/or running noises in walls and/or ceilings. Typically between late evening and early morning.
• Droppings present in areas such as the kitchen, pantry, basement, attic, crawl space and/or garage. (Mouse Droppings resemble black rice)
• Damaged food packages, insulation, furniture, clothes, wiring and/or other items.
• Being seen.

     The house mouse is an excellent climber. They can enter through openings 1/4″ or larger. Mice prefer to nest in quiet, secluded and warm areas of our homes and offices. They scavenge for food daily. They often leave droppings behind, as well as less visible urine droplets. There are many health risks associated with this common household pest. Certain precautionary measures should be taken when removing their waste to prevent transmission of disease. This valuable information can be found on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website at

Our “Rodent Control Service” is designed to be a one-time service. We address the mice present inside your home as well as assist with preventing them from entering through the exterior.

If you are noticing any signs of mice in your home, contact us to aid in their eradication now.