Pest Of The Month

What pest is most popular among our callers this month?yellowjacket, wasp, bee, hornet


Many customers call us for “bees” this time of year. The majority of the time it turns out to be our area’s most dangerous wasp, the yellowjacket. The highly aggressive wasps build their nests in voids. You normally will not see the physical nest. What is visible is an active trail of these wasps traveling in and out of a void. It can be under siding, high up in a soffit, a hole in the ground, the root system of a shrub, a gap around a pipe or wire penetration, etc. These wasps can sting repeatedly as they do not have a barbed stinger like a honey bee. In our area, yellowjacket nests are active from early July throughout September and even into October. You do not want to spray these wasps with an aerosol product. Doing so will only kill a very small percentage of the nest. The majority of the wasps will safely exit out of the back of their nest. When a nest is on/in a house, you run the risk of driving them into the walls and living spaces. If you come across an active yellowjacket nest, give us a call.